A39 Falmouth Gateway - Treluswell Roundabout

Treluswell roundabout is located at a crucial intersection of the A39 and the A394, joining Truro, Falmouth, Redruth and Penryn.

A total of £2.9million has been secured by Cornwall Council to improve traffic management in the area, allowing the building of a large, single roundabout.

Improved access to the nearby Penvale Villas, just off the roundabout on the A39 to Truro, is included in the plan.

To find out more about the package, please visit the Cornwall Council website.

Last updated: Monday 4 September

Work updates

  • We have been creating new access points to properties and Four Cross garage, including the footpath and associated drainage.
  • Small works will continue at night time in the coming month, which will complete the garage’s entrance and this phase. Final surfacing will take place in November.
  • This will allow us to reconfigure the temporary roundabout while working within its confines.
  • We will also be connecting the existing drainage to a new manhole within the new central island.
  • The Penryn road will continue to function as it currently is, with the other three arms on a single lane feed. All of this work will take place during the daytime.
  • From Monday 4 September, we begin construction of the drainage, footpath and kerbing on the Falmouth and Redruth roads. This will involve five to seven weeks of night work, with four-way traffic lights in place each night from 7pm to 6.30am.
  • The temporary carriageway will then be removed and preparations made for the new surface.

At a glance

The map below gives a comprehensive overview of roadworks and any traffic issues in the area around Treluswell roundabout. Please note that it includes any works taking place on the road network, not just those being undertaken by CORMAC.



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