Truro Western Corridor Package

The Truro Western Corridor Package is a programme of investment in transport measures designed to support business growth, create jobs and manage the impact of housing growth on the transport network. 

For more information please visit: Cornwall Council Truro Western Corridor Package.

Work updates

Last updated: Thursday 15 June

Highertown to Sainsbury's roundabout

  • Work has restarted on the section of the A390 in Truro from Highertown to Sainsbury’s roundabout.
  • The current configuration of two-way traffic will be maintained along the stretch by using narrower lanes in both directions and utilising the central reserve area. This creates enough safe space to allow us to work through the day, meaning we can complete this part of the scheme quicker than originally planned.
  • Working through the day would also allow us to cut down on the level of night operations needed, thus reducing the impact to local residents.
  • The works will see the pavements made wider to accommodate cyclists as well as pedestrians both sides of the length of the road.
  • There will also be some drainage installation, then resurfacing to complete.

Maiden Green roundabout to Treliske roundabout

  • There are currently footpath closures, with pedestrian diversion routes in place. The road (kerb-side) is being excavated in preparation for the widening of the footpath for cyclists and pedestrians dual use. Traffic lanes remain narrow. This is daytime and night-time work along both sides of the carriageway and is anticipated to last approximately two months.

Tresawls Road

  • Widening of the current footpaths to accommodate cyclists.

Threemilestone Roundabout

  • Construction of the islands has now begun. Traffic management put in place for the kerbing works and will remain so for the coming weeks. Reduced speed limits in place with narrow lanes.


This is section 278 work undertaken to provide access to the Persimmons development. It is unrelated to the Truro Western Corridor scheme, but given its proximity, is being included here for information.

  • On Wednesday 28 June we will be white-lining Falmouth Road, off Arch Hill. Due to the volume of traffic that use this road throughout the day, we  must carry this work out during the night. This will take place from around 7pm to midnight. If the weather is particularly wet, we may have to postpone this work until it dries up.
  • The following week (commencing 3 July) we will begin constructing a pavement down the left of Falmouth Road, as far as Truro High School entrance. Again this must be carried out at night in order to maintain the traffic flow for road users during the day. Excavation will begin the works, followed by the laying of the kerbs, alteration to street lights and final footway surfacing. Since the road is narrow, we must fully re-instate it in time for the morning’s users each day. We must therefore roll the surface each morning, which may cause some noise and disruption.
  • Layout map 1
  • Layout map 2
  • Layout map 3
  • Extent of site
  • Letter to residents
  • Work phases

If you expect to have entry or delivery requirements on which our work is likely to have an impact, please contact Cornwall Council on 0300 1234 222.

At a glance

The map below gives a comprehensive overview of roadworks and any traffic issues in the area around the A390 Corridor scheme. Please note that it includes any works taking place on the road network, not just those being undertaken by CORMAC.



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