Fowey Esplanade

Updated 12 December 2017

We are strengthening a stone retaining wall on the Esplanade in Fowey, which is showing signs of structural instability. The wall supports the carriageway and the tea gardens that overlook the river.
Work was initially planned to be carried out two phases; November to Christmas, then beginning again in January 2018 for eight weeks.

However, our work has allowed us to investigate further, and we have discovered that the retaining wall is in a worse condition than was first thought. More of it needs stabilising and to a greater extent. This means that the work will take longer than originally planned.

In order to work around Fowey’s busy holiday season, we will continue to work up to Friday 22 December as planned. We will then restart in January, when we will investigate the entire structure further and devise a more comprehensive repair solution. This should take about two weeks. The wall is stable enough to then be left until the next phase.

Work will start on phase 2 in mid-September 2018, for around twelve weeks. The means we won’t affect the busiest parts of the summer season, and will be complete before Christmas 2018.

See traffic management plans for both phases here.

As with any construction activity, adverse weather conditions can affect progress and have an impact on completion dates.

Phase 1

  • The closure will be located outside numbers 58 to 64.
  • The Esplanade will become two-way for businesses and residents, with access from Tower Park. Vehicles will turn around at the closure to return the way they came. 
  • Private parking bays will be accessible, but public street parking will not.
  • From the town end (Lostwithiel Street), vehicles will have access as normal, exiting via Daglands Road.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout.

Phase 2

  • Esplanade will be closed from the town end (Lostwithiel Street), up to a turning point outside the Whitehouse.
  • From 7am to 6pm, marshals will be on site to guide vehicles needing business or residential access. Access will be available to private parking bays and garages only.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout.

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