Reablement & Care Services

CORMAC took over the STEPS service from Cornwall Council from the 1st October 2015. Read more about this in news article here

Since then it has also developed a small scale domiciliary care service providing ongoing services for residents of Cornwall. These two teams now make up CORMAC’s new Community Services division.


Our Short Term Enablement Planning Service (STEPS) supports people for a limited period of time after a health or social care crisis at home.  We provide temporary support when you’re returning home from hospital and are in need of extra support to get back to your normal life. 

What does STEPS do?

We aim to build up your strength and confidence so you can return to your routine at home.You must have an assessment to access STEPS.  You may be referred to us by a hospital discharge team, your therapist or another health care professional, or by Cornwall Council Access Team. Your assessment will look at whether you need help with things like:
  • Washing, dressing, bathing, showering, getting up and going to bed
  • Using the toilet or commode and emptying and cleaning the commode
  • Preparing meals, a balanced diet or support with a specified diet
  • Carrying out primary health care tasks, exercises and mobility practice to regain confidence
  • Identifying local community services to support you in the long term
  • Other specific tasks identified in your reablement plan

It will also look at any adjustments or equipment that might help you, including things like fitting a lifeline alarm, using a medication aid or organising a bath seat or perching stool.

To find out more about our STEPS service please see our Service leaflet.

What happens after STEPS support ends?

After your STEPS support you will probably find that you can manage very well on your own or with some support from your family, friends or community services. If you may need more support, Cornwall Council can carry out a needs assessment and discuss the options with you.  The needs assessment is free, but they may make a charge for the services they provide.  You can find out more by asking your worker or contacting us.


Our CORCARE service is still being developed and therefore is still quite small in size and currently focused on providing care and support for individuals identified through Cornwall Council. The CORCARE Team provide care for individuals in their own homes for as long as it is required. Although this team also uses the Reablement ethos and will work with individuals to improve their independence, the main difference between these two teams is CORCARE provides care services for long term service users. 

What will CORCARE do?

  • Personal care including any health care needs such as medication support, catheter care
  • Diet & nutrition
  • Exercises and mobility practice to regain confidence
  • Domestic Tasks and shopping

How do I know STEPS & CORCARE are good services?

Our STEPS & CORCARE teams are registered with the Care Quality Commission, which regulates all health and social care services.

All STEPS and CORCARE teams have recently been inspected by CQC and have been judged as “Good” overall. 


Our STEPS Mid and CORCARE Teams have recently changed some details on their registration and therefore do not have an up to date Inspection report to publish, however both teams have been inspected and rated as Good.  

You can find more information on the Care Quality Commission website. If you have any questions or comments about our services please contact us using the details in the Service User Information Pack for the relevent Service through the links below:

You can also view our Satisfaction Survey Results which are updated every year. Our STEPS report shows that in 2015 STEPS received 1200 returned surveys from previous Service users, of which 97% agreed to have been satisfied with the level of care and support provided during their time with STEPS and 86% felt they could do more for themselves since their STEPS intervention. Our CORCARE Report shows that the majority of responses received have been very positive in nature, with 100% of respondents reporting they felt respected by the staff members and 96% being satisfied to some degree with their overall quality of care.

In addition, the Service received a number of written compliments during 2015, including comment such as:

  • “Steps carers were always cheerful, chatty and on time.  Their help was, just as the name suggests - a stepping stone to help me from the restrictions of 7 weeks in hospital to having the confidence to carry out the necessary washing and dressing on my own.  An extremely well run organisation - thank you all”. (Bodmin Service User)
  • “The Steps ladies filled me with confidence which enabled me to attempt all they asked of me until I was able to complete the tasks which were needed for recovery.  They were patient, filled with kindness and laughter.  What more does one need when unwell and replying on others?  I truly enjoyed their company for a short while every morning”.  (Camborne Service User)
  • “I was feeling weak and a little disorientated - both physically and mentally, but with the help of the very kind and capable ladies, I was soon back to what I call NORMAL.  Their care and understanding was unending and nothing was too much trouble.  I would recommend your Service wholeheartedly.” (St Austell Service User)