Asbestos air monitoring and four stage clearance

Our mobile laboratories are equipped so all testing can be completed in the field. Reports are electronically produced and printed on site, so the removal contractor and the client can be issued with a report immediately following completion of the work.

Our analytical services include:

Four stage clearance monitoring and certificate of reoccupation

This test is required by law following the removal of licensable asbestos materials. This is the most rigorous of all the air monitoring and includes four separate stages;

  • Stage 1: Preliminary check of site condition and job completeness;
  • Stage 2: A thorough visual inspection inside the enclosure / work area;
  • Stage 3: Air monitoring;
  • Stage 4: Final assessment post-enclosure/ work area dismantling

Only on completion of all four stages to a satisfactory level can a ‘certificate of reoccupation’ be issued thus ensuring that the area is safe to reoccupy.


Background air monitoring

Background air testing is used to establish the ambient asbestos fibre levels of an area. This is often carried out prior to the start of any removal work to determine if there are any problems before wok begins. This also demonstrates that any problems with future leak tests have arisen as a result of the removal and are not pre-existing.


Leak air monitoring

Carried out during live asbestos removal work involving enclosures; leak testing ensures that control measures put in place by the asbestos removal company are adequate. Equally, it will highlight any breaches in the enclosure or poor removal techniques.


Reassurance air monitoring

Reassurance air tests are run for a number of reasons, including: where non-licensable asbestos materials have been removed or following an environmental clean after elevated leak testing has established a problem.  Reassurances are also run after asbestos has been damaged and the area environmentally cleaned, ensuring that the area is safe for reoccupation.  We always accompany this type of test with a thorough visual inspection of the area.


Personal air testing – to determine exposure levels to individuals

Personal air testing is normally used during asbestos removals to establish control limits and short term exposure levels for operatives.


Smoke testing – checking enclosure integrity

Our analysts will undertake a series of checks and witness the smoke test of an enclosure prior to the start of licensed asbestos removals. This makes sure the removal contractor has correctly prepared the area prior to the removal commencing.

As well as offering a wide range of air monitoring regimes, we can also arrange the asbestos removal on your behalf and assess the plan of work prior to the start of any asbestos removal.

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