Asbestos management plans

Before providing a management plan we have to assess any risks from asbestos containing material (ACM). In order to do this, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • The location, amount and condition of the ACM identified
  • If the ACM is likely to be routinely disturbed
  • Access to the ACM
  • The location of the ACM in relation to general work areas
  • The number of people who use the area where the ACM is situated
  • Whether or not maintenance work or refurbishment work will be carried out in the vicinity of the ACM

A management plan will then need to be put into place to manage these risks. Materials in a poor state of repair or likely to be damaged easily are treated as a priority. These materials need to be removed or repaired, depending on the findings from the risk assessment.

For ACMs in a good condition and unlikely to be disturbed, it is safer to leave them in place and monitor (reinspect); usually on a six-monthly or yearly basis.

If you already have a survey report for your building, we can use the information to compile an asbestos management plan (AMP) and if required; carry out the reinspections to ensure that you complying with regulations.

Alternatively we can carry out the whole process from the survey stage through to the production of AMP through to routine reinspections.

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