Asbestos surveys

We have been undertaking asbestos surveys for the council on a wide range of their buildings since 1996. This service is available to anyone. Your survey requirements will largely depend on the property’s use and any plans you have regarding maintenance and improvements.

We undertake two main types of asbestos survey.


Management survey

A management survey is designed to manage asbestos materials during the normal occupation and use of a property. Materials that could be disturbed during normal activity or maintenance should be picked up on this type of survey.

Once the locations of the asbestos materials have been identified, the next step after a survey has been carried out is to produce a risk assessment’. This will allow the duty holder to decide on the next course of action. Asbestos materials that are in good condition and are unlikely to be disturbed can be left in place and monitored, whereas materials in a poor condition or in locations where further damage can occur might need to be removed. 

From the risk assessment, a management plan is produced. This details the monitoring and reviewing programme for each of the asbestos materials identified.


Refurbishment/demolition survey


A refurbishment/demolition survey is required prior to refurbishment, upgrade or demolition. This type of survey is fully intrusive and the building or area will need to be free of occupants and/or furniture and equipment, depending on the level of inspection that is required.

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