Bude Hillhead Junction

CORMAC has been contracted to undertake the construction of a new roundabout to replace the existing T-junction between the A3072 Stratton Road and the A39 Hillhead/Binhamy Road to the east of Bude. 

This scheme involves the removal and replacement of an existing hedge and cutting back of existing vegetation; diversion of existing statutory undertakers' equipment; construction of new carriageway, drainage, kerbs and footways, new road lighting, traffic signs and road markings.

The scheme is being constructed in three phases:

  • Phase 1 - Enabling works and site clearance
  • Phase 2 - Diversion of utilities              
  • Phase 3 - Construction of new roundabout

The current roundabout construction works followed a lengthy period of extensive utility diversion works. These works were an essential part of the overall project and included the movement or protection of significant fibre-optic telecommunications equipment, in addition to gas, water and electrical plant. The roundabout construction phase started on 24 October 2016. 

While every endeavour is being made to restrict the use of temporary traffic lights, there are times when three-way traffic lights have to be in place  in order to protect our workers from traffic and members of the public from any exposed/incomplete works.

Please be assured we are doing all we can to minimise construction impacts for everyone and your patience and cooperation is appreciated while this major junction improvement takes place.

It is expected that the works will be completed in spring 2017.


Work updates

Last updated: Wednesday 22 March

Issues around underground services have now been resolved and the works to adapt these will be completed shortly. Works have continued to install the new kerb lines on the east verge and footpaths. Drainage works are now complete.

  • While the roundabout is being built, the junction remains in operation.
  • The second stage of surfacing is due to commence on 27March
  • Levels at the existing junction are being raised to be in line with the height of the roundabout, which, when complete, will mean clearer views for approaching traffic.
  • Footpath and driveway works on the eastern verge.
  • Work continues to be undertaken under traffic lights. This will be mainly through the week, but potentially at weekends, depending on safety requirements. Three-way lights will be in use during the working day in order to allow access onto the working area and to provide a safety zone for the public.
  • Traffic lights will be removed during Easter (1 -24 April).
  • After Easter, final surfacing will be undertaken.
  • We’re currently aiming for completion around 12 May.



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