Statutory protection of trees: preservation orders and conservation areas

Tree preservation orders (TPO) may apply to any tree, group of trees or woodlands that make an important contribution to a public amenity.  Before any work can take place to a tree that is subject to a tree preservation order, you must apply for consent to carry out work to the tree. More advice can be found on the council's tree works application submission guide.

When completing an application form you must provide accurate information regarding the tree species and location. You must provide a full and clear specification of the works you want to carry out; the works specified should accord with BS 3998 Tree Work- Recommendations.

Ordinarily, when your application relates to the condition of the tree (such as it is diseased or you have fears that it might break or fall) you are required to provide written evidence from an appropriate expert.

When an application for tree work is unsuccessful, applicants have a right of appeal.

Within a conservation area, trees that have a stem diameter bigger than 75 mm when measured at a height of 1.5 metres above ground level are subject to statutory protection.

Before you carry out any work to a tree you must give the council six weeks’ notice of your intention to do so. This notification allows the council to make a TPO and prevent the works if they are deemed harmful to a public space or to the character of the conservation area.


How can we help?

We can:

  • prepare works schedules and detailed specifications to support applications

  • act as your planning agent. Liaising with planning authorities; completing and submitting applications for works to trees that are the subject of a tree preservation order or stand within a conservation area

  • prepare appeal statements. Where planning authorities refuse applications for works to trees that are the subject of a Tree Preservation Order we can provide further advice. Where appropriate we can represent you, preparing an appeal statement and, if required, attending an appeal hearing

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