Tree management

Trees enhance new developments, our working environments and places of recreation; to provide both amenity and habitat. 

However, they can also prove a danger. Where a tree has visible signs of decline, decay and/or structural weakness, the tree owner and/or the occupier of the land may be liable for any damage or injury causes. 

To help prevent this, reasonable steps must be taken to reduce the risk of harm to staff, visitors and the wider public.

In order to ensure a defendable position, it is recommended that property owners and managers seek advice regarding tree risk management and tree inspection.


How can we help?

We can:

  • assist you in managing tree risk. Developing cost effective and defendable tree strategies and policies; advising upon the level and frequency of tree inspection appropriate to site(s) and tree population

  • implement tree inspection programmes. Undertaking tree surveys; recording inventory data and plotting trees/tree groups. Identifying defects and specifying works to reduce the risk of harm. Recommending pragmatic management works to ensure a healthy tree stock in the longer term. Providing clients with inspection reports, to include site plans and a prioritised schedule of tree work
  • undertake detailed tree inspections of individual (high value) trees. Completing a full visual assessment, recording inventory data and features. Assessing the implications of structural defects, physiological symptoms and/or pest and diseases. Providing comprehensive written reports, specifying appropriate safety and/or management works

  • undertake aerial (climbing) inspections, using rope access equipment or elevated platforms, our staff can inspect and assess significant structural or physiological defects that are present within the upper stem or crown of a tree(s)

  • detailed decay detection/investigation, using a resistograph our staff can assess the levels of (internal) decay and assess their implications. Providing written reports and recommendations

  • advise on tree planting.  Providing planting plans and specifications. Detailing location, species choice, planting stock size, planting specification and aftercare

  • assess the risk of harm from partial or whole tree failure using the licensed Quantified Tree Risk Assessment system. Applying this system to individual specimens and/or entire tree populations

  • using 'CAVAT' we can undertake valuations of individual amenity trees or entire populations

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