Tree surgery

We provide professional, competitive and comprehensive arboricultural services. We are able to advise upon and undertake all aspects of tree work.

  • design and implementation of tree planting
  • bespoke planting pits within hard surfaces, landscape planting schemes, woodlands and orchards 
  • tree surgery: felling of all trees, stump grinding, section felling/dismantling of trees over targets or in awkward locations, remedial pruning such as selected branch removal and crown reductions
  • tree maintenance: formative pruning, weeding, mulching, watering of new planting, thinning tree groups/woodlandsThe health and safety of staff and site users is our priority; site and task specific risk assessments inform our team’s safe working practices.

Our team will work closely with staff and managers to programme work, reducing the impact upon site use and users. Materials (timber and woodchip) can be removed from site or, if appropriate, retained for use in landscape maintenance or as wildlife habitat.

When planning and undertaking works our team consider and implement measures to protect the natural environment, including protected species and nesting birds.

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