Trees and development

Trees bring aesthetic, environmental, social and economic benefits to the urban environment. Mature trees and hedgerows can enhance new development and form a vital part of our green infrastructure.

Development has the potential to impact upon existing trees, often requiring their removal, and construction processes are known to damage retained trees, shortening their safe life expectancy. Experience shows that layouts sited poorly in relation to trees and/or the inappropriate retention of trees can often be resented by future occupiers, reducing the enjoyment of their property and inevitably leading to repeated pruning or tree removal.

The Cornwall Design Guide recommends the involvement of tree officers and/or arboricultural consultants at the outset of a scheme. There is a clear expectation from Cornwall Council that where trees may be affected by development, that proposals be informed, and applications supported by the appropriate level of arboricultural advice.


How can we help?

We can:

  • undertake surveys in accord with BS 5837 2012: Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations

  • provide arboricultural advice to inform design and development. Identifying the key arboricultural constraints, assessing the implications of proposed developments and recommending suitable mitigation measures (tree planting and tree protection)

  • provide tree reports to support planning applications, supply arboricultural method statements and undertake construction site monitoring (to satisfy planning conditions)

  • represent your interests, liaising with the planning authority (planning officers and tree officers)

  • project manage, overseeing/implementing arboricultural works: tree removal/pruning, tree protection and tree/landscape planting

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