Dealing with Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed is a tall, vigorous ornamental plant that escaped from cultivation in the late-nineteenth century and has become an aggressive invader in both the urban and rural environments.

Because it is a highly-invasive plant and is capable of exposing weaknesses in buildings, foundations, concrete and tarmac, mortgage lenders will not loan against properties where Japanese knotweed is present unless an insurance-backed guarantee is secured against the loan.

We can provide a survey, survey report and method statement to control and eradicate Japanese knotweed infestations. All surveys are undertaken by an experienced and qualified surveyor.

We provide a professional and comprehensive service in advising on a variety of treatment options including;

  • herbicide treatments (including stem injection)
  • excavation
  • dig and dump
  • on-site burial or bunding
  • soil screening

As a member of INNSA (Invasive Non-Native Specialist Association) and the PCCB (Property Code Compliance Board), we can offer a warranty; an insurance-backed guarantee that will insure the home owner for five or 10 years once Japanese knotweed treatment has been completed.

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