Trevenson Road Cycleway

Between Pool Innovation Centre and the east entrance to Camborne Retail Park. Work is soon to begin on some pedestrian and cycling focussed improvements. The construction and widening of the footway to accommodate cyclists. Installation of a pedestrian island and signalised crossing. All with enhanced surfaces, paving and markings to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the Pool area by foot or bike.

Cormac have been appointed to carry out the works, with a completion date of the end of June 2021. There will be a mixture of daytime and night-time work. Regrettably some operations can be rather noisy. Please feel assured that every effort is being made to keep disturbance to a minimum. When there is night work, any very noisy works will be stopped by 11pm. During construction some sections of the footway will need to be temporarily closed. Diversions will be in place. With access maintained for properties and businesses at all times. At times, two-way traffic lights are going to be located along Trevenson Road at night. This is for removal of the existing island and for laying of white lines.

We do appreciate that this may cause you some inconvenience. Please be assured that every effort is made to carry out operations swiftly to minimise disruption.

If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to speak to someone about this, please call 0300 1234 222 or email

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