Lower Kergilliack Farm

Persimmon Homes has been granted planning permission for a housing development at Lower Kergilliack Farm. Part of the planning permission for the development includes the building of a new junction from Bickland Water Road to the site. As the council’s approved contractor, Cormac will be carrying out this work.

The work involves widening the existing carriageway to help development of the new roundabout; upgrades to the existing drainage system, new bus stops for east and westbound services and pavements into the new estate. The work will also include construction of a new pavement on Falmouth Road, linking the two existing pavements on the north-west side.

Working hours will usually be 7.30am to 5pm, although some night works will have to take place. This is a busy road and traffic flow must be maintained during the daytime. Every effort will be made to keep disturbance to an absolute minimum. We use equipment to monitor and reduce noise levels and do our utmost to limit disturbance and maintain traffic flow for all those close by.

Works should take around eight months to complete.

Phase one

  • April 2018. Set-up of our compounds, located initially next to the football club, then later in the development site itself. This work will take place during the day and traffic management will include signing, lighting and guarding, plus two-way traffic lights.
  • After this, we will remove the pedestrian refuge island and some of the existing streetlights, which will later be replaced).

Phase two

  • During this phase, works will be focussed on earthworks (excavation and reducing levels for the new roundabout), highways drainage, construction of new footpaths in to Eve Parc and construction of the first half of the roundabout. 

Phase three

  • Construct the remaining half of the roundabout. To do this Conway Road will be closed for up to six weeks.

Phase four

  • Install two pedestrian refuge islands at the crossing points on Bickland Hill, including drop kerbs and tactile paving and also street lights.

Phase five

  • Night working only for surfacing works to the footpath, new and existing carriageways. This will be followed by road markings and the demobilisation from site.

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