Launceston Link Road

Launceston Link Road, Section 278

Treveth Holdings and various commercial outlets have been granted planning permission. This is for a housing development and business units. Cormac have been appointed to carry out the associated Section 278 works. Due to start at the end of March. The work will take in the region of nine months, taking us to around the end of December. Please keep in mind though that adverse weather conditions can sometimes cause delays.

The work includes construction of a new entrance to the development itself. Works will include the widening of the existing Link Road. The addition of a dedicated right-turn lane in to the development. Plus the installation of permanent traffic lights. The majority of the works will be off the highway. This will minimise the impact and disruption to road users during the construction phases.

This is a busy road and traffic flow must be maintained during the daytime. The work will be carried out under two-way temporary traffic signals. This may cause traffic delays in the area. These signals will be in operation between 07:00-18:30hrs. As the work progresses we may leave the temporary traffic lights in place for 24hrs a day. To allow us to complete the drainage and ducting. Where possible we will revert to daytime only operation as soon as safe to do so. 

It is possible that those nearby may experience some associated noise or disruption. Please be aware that every effort will be made to keep any disturbance to a minimum. We use equipment to check and reduce noise levels. and do our upmost to limit disturbance and maintain traffic flow for all those close by.

If you have any queries or concerns or would like to speak to someone about this. Please call 0300 1234 222 or email us at

The main working area will be between the two purple lines below. 

Launceston Link Road

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