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The Ridgegrove shared cycleway is a new 3m wide path. Linking Ridgegrove Lane to Newport Industrial Estate for walkers and cyclists. Including a new pedestrian bridge over the River Kensey. The works will start March 2021 and should complete by October 2021. At this stage we envisage all the works will be undertaken during daytime hours.

The new designed bridge will fit with the profile of the existing road bridge. Which has meant that there are some challenging engineering works to complete. We will begin by digging trial holes to locate all the underground services. The gas main currently attached to the side of the bridge will be moved onto the new bridge once in place. For the temporary diversion we will be placing the pipes within the current footpath. There is limited space to work here and as a consequence installing the diversion may take some time.

To allow for the new gas main diversion. The access off Sinks road onto the A388, St. Thomas Road will be closed from the junction. This is from 8 March until the middle of September. Access off St. Thomas Road on to Sinks Road will remain open.

For the cycleway works the western section of the co-op car park, south of the River Kensey, will be fenced off. No traffic management is required on Newport Industrial Estate road to begin with. When we complete the new footpath leading to the proposed pedestrian bridge. The traffic management will then consist of barriers, signs and cones. This will permit two-way vehicular traffic as well as safe passage for pedestrians.

Ridgegrove path and parklandThe works north of the River Kensey leading up to Ridgegrove Lane will include stripping of topsoil, new drainage, path construction and fencing. To help with the construction at Ridgegrove Lane. There is a need for some hedge clearance. This is to improve visibility splay, installation of uncontrolled crossing and electrical duct. The works at Ridgegrove Lane will start towards the end of the programme. The road closure will be managed under daytime hours.

As we progress through the construction programme. Some works (such as lifting the new bridge) may need to be carried out at night-time. This is due to the amount of disruption it will cause on the highway. Wherever possible, we will write to you again to let you know of such changes. Especially if any significant traffic management variations or imminent nightworks.

We will do our very best to minimise any disruption you may experience. We very much appreciate your patience thank you. If you do have any queries or concerns. Please call 0300 1234 222 or email us at

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