Camel Footbridge Repairs

Cormac have been appointed by Cornwall Council to carry out major refurbishments on the Camel Footbridge, Wadebridge. The existing footbridge spans the River Camel and is a much loved town asset, linking it with Egloshayle. Commencing early February until mid-July, the improvements will revitalise and safeguard the bridge for all to use in the future.

Although the bridge was constructed off-site and lifted in to place with a giant crane, these complex repairs will be carried out in place. Using specialist contractors, Cormac will remove and replace all of the existing cables, tensioners and connectors that hold the bridge in suspension, carry out welding repairs to the towers and supports, remove the entire 62.5m x 2.35m deck and replace it with rot-resistant, anti-slip boards, then clean and repaint the whole of the steel structure, some of which is up to one meter below the river bed, extending up to sixteen metres high.

This is technically advanced work in what will often be difficult conditions, and the safety of our workforce and the general public is paramount. To that end, the bridge will remain fully closed for the duration of these essential repairs, and we thank everyone in advance for the patience. If you have any queries or concerns about this work, please call 0300 1234 222 or email

Camel footbridge plan

Update May 2022

Repairs to historic Helland Bridge over the River Camel halted recently when engineers found Dippers nesting beneath it. All nesting birds are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, so work cannot begin until the birds have fledged. Support of the arch will be from within the River Camel, which currently is also restricted due to fish spawning. Cormac will be monitoring the site weekly, to check when the nest becomes redundant, and there is no risk of harming or disturbing the birds.

 Once underway, repairs are anticipated to take approximately four weeks, but will depend on the extent of damage uncovered as dismantling of the damaged sections progresses.

Update March 2022

We are writing to further update you on the refurbishment of the Camel Footbridge. We have been following up the necessary licences, but it has become apparent that they will not be issued before the 18th May. The Regulatory Authorities; the Environment Agency (EA) and Marine Maritime Organisation (MMO),  require  sufficient time to assess and process the licenses properly and we are unable to commence any works until these permissions are in place. A date of 18th May has therefore been proposed, as the earliest possible start for the project. 

Part of the regulatory process for the licence application is a four week consultation period. You may therefore see some notifications being put up around the bridge identifying the upcoming works and inviting feedback from users and interested parties. This will be followed by a review by the regulatory authorities, of any comments raised or actions necessary around obtaining the licences. As a matter of course we remain in regular touch with the various authorities, to gain updates and to ensure they have all the information required.

With a start date of 18th May, our aim would be to complete the refurbishment of the Camel Footbridge by the 23rd July. This would allow the bridge to open in time for the start of school’s summer holiday period. Much of the work is dependent on good weather and this has potential to impact our programme, however we will be working extended hours, including evenings and weekends, in order to complete the project at the earliest possible opportunity.

We appreciate the revised start dates have been inconvenient and difficult to plan around, as well as communicating a changing picture to the people who most use the bridge, and so are grateful for your patience and understanding.

If you have any queries or concerns about this work, please call 0300 1234 222 or email

Update February 2022

Our subcontractors were on site yesterday taking some of the final measurements, that feed in to the design for the repairs and the scaffolding. There are a variety of permits and licenses that must be obtained for construction in or around a watercourse, in place to regulate and safeguard against ecological deterioration and flooding. These are complex and advanced repairs, the design of which need a degree of fluidity and must evolve as they progress. License  applications can be sometimes be dependant on the extent of works, and it materialises that a secondary license that was not foreseen, is now required before we can go ahead. 

It’s hoped that we’ll now be granted approval to begin in early April, with the closure of the footbridge then in place until mid-September. Please accept our apologies for this delay and bear with us whilst we await license approval. If approval is granted before, then we will of course begin right away. In the meantime, Camel Footbridge will remain open.

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