Newquay Harbour

We will be carrying out vital repairs to the grade II-listed pier head at North Quay.

The harbour wall is showing signs of structural instability and prompt repairs are essential in order to avoid further deterioration.

Work on the quay will be undertaken from the north pier and occasionally from a barge. This will include some initial cutting in to the sea bed using a rock-saw.

Metal sheets (or piles) will then be driven firmly in to the trench and concrete poured behind them to provide a new layer of protection to the failing area, strengthening it for the future.

This essential work can be quite loud and disruptive. Despite the sheltered nature of the harbour those nearby will experience some noise disturbance. Work will be carried during the daytime, in normal working hours.

There will be periods when access to North Quay Hill is obstructed while large vehicles deliver the concrete which will then be pumped down to the harbour.

The scheme is anticipated to be complete by around the end of spring 2019, though adverse weather conditions can impact on timescales.

We will be working closely with the harbour master who retains control of the day-to-day running of the harbour and all movements in or out and he will be advising throughout our program of work. 

We understand that this may cause some inconvenience to those living in the near-by vicinity and appreciate your patience and understanding.

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