Penzance to Marazion Coast Path Improvements

The path improvement scheme is part of the EXPERIENCE project – a 23.3m project involving six areas of the Channel region to promote off season experiential tourism and sustainable economic growth. It is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg France (Channel) England Programme under the Natural & Cultural Heritage Funding category. Of the 6.1m ERDF committed to the total project, 1.9m is allocated to Cornwall Council, which is investing a further 0.9m. Cornwall’s investment is focussed in the Penzance Pilot area and investment will help improve the Mount’s Bay coastal path and encourage a sustainable year-round visitor economy.

Set against the backdrop of St Michael’s Mount and Penzance Railway Station, this popular multi-use path is very open to the elements which has caused damage to the surface over time. As well as a new surface, there will be new benches along the path, and improved access to the beach for people with mobility issues. Commencing 2 November 2020, Cormac will be carrying out the improvements in sections, with the first running from the wooden pedestrian bridge at Eastern Green, towards Penzance Railway Station. At the same time, Phase Two will be the section from Longrock carpark, to the public toilets on the way to Marazion. It is intended that weather permitting, these sections should complete before Christmas and whilst they’re underway, they will need to be closed to pedestrians, with diversions in place.

In the New Year, Phase Three commences, again at the wooden pedestrian bridge, going in the opposite directions towards Longrock Carpark. At the same time Phase Four will start, which is the section from the Public Toilets to Marazion Carpark. Thereafter a dedicated dual user route will be installed in Longrock Car Park, landscaping to each section and general vegetation clearance and tidying, to freshen the whole path.

Some disruption is inevitable during the project and so we ask everyone to please bear with us while this important work is carried out. We will make every effort to maintain access where possible and signpost users to alternative routes as required. The very exposed location means the team will, at times, work in severe weather conditions that can hinder progress. All being well, the improvements should complete by the end of June 2021. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to speak to someone about this, please call 0300 1234 222 or email us at

Update Oct 2021


Commencing 25 October for a maximum of five days, the Longrock Car Park will be resurfaced and during that period it needs to be closed to all users. Those wishing to walk the length of the path, will need to use one of the ramps on to the beach, bypassing the carpark, then re-joining the path further down. We then move to the Marazion carpark to make some improvements and to install a dedicated through-section for pedestrians and cyclists to use. Once the carparks are fully completed in mid-November, the installation of the artwork inspired by Mount’s Bay’s ancient submerged forest  will begin, together with more general landscaping and erecting signage and way-markers.

We understand that everyone is keen for the path to open fully, especially as the winter approaches as it will provide a good surface to walk on in wetter weather, and hope you’ll agree that it’s looking great.  

Update Aug 2021

The Tour of Britain is almost upon us and we’ve been working hard on the Penzance to Marazion Coastpath Renovations in readiness. It’s looking great and we’ve had lots of compliments from those who’ve already made use of it. We still have some landscaping to do and approximately 160 metres of the path itself to complete, but we’ll make sure it’s fully open  for the Stage One Grand Depart as riders set of through the Cornish Countryside to Bodmin.

At 5pm on Friday 4 September the path will be temporarily reopened for the weekend, allowing full public access during the event. Works will then resume on Monday 6 September.

Please do share this information with all those you might like to know.  

Update July 2021

Over 900m of new concrete path has now been poured at the Penzance end of the coast path and works are really progressing well. We are currently working adjacent to Long Rock Business Park (approximately 400m west of Long Rock Car Park) where there is a secondary, informal path running alongside that can be utilised by the majority of users in the short-term, allowing them to re-join the main path further along.

At the other end, the section between Marazion Car Park and the new concrete ramp that leads to the beach (near the old public toilets) is now largely complete and open to users. With just a few finishing touches to carry out, we have now completed over 600m here, together with new railings erected at the wooden bridge (with posts at the road-side to further add pedestrian stability) and some new steps. In the coming weeks we will be concreting the section east of Long Rock Car Park, which will tie-in with the new concrete ramp, as well as continuing the final 400m of path on the western side of the car park.  Landscaping, planting and seating and signage also to come before we compete.

The path does remain open however due to the continued renovations, full access to it in its entirety will be restricted in places for some users. Please could everyone respect the signage and fencing that is in place, for safety reasons and to prevent delays to the works programme. Thank you. 

Penzance to Marazion (Bay to Bay )1 Penzance to Marazion (Bay to Bay )2 Penzance to Marazion (Bay to Bay )3

Update June 2021

We are still continuing works between the Wooden Bridge and Long Rock. Also, between Marazion and the ramp near the public toilets near Long Rock. The section from Penzance to the Wooden Bridge reopened around Easter, as planned. The footpath is also open from Marazion up to the Hoxton Special.

In the next 2-3 weeks the ramp access to the beach will be closed between Long Rock and Marazion. This is to construct a new ramp for the cycleway and give enough space for safety to the public and Cormac team. This will mean that there will be no beach access between Long Rock and Marazion. We plan to keep this access closed for as minimal amount of time as possible. Beach access will be maintained at both Marazion and Long Rock Car Parks. 

Update March 2021

Penzance to Marazion path

The upgrading of the Bay to Bay Multi-user path between Penzance and Marazion is progressing well, despite the very exposed location weather conditions. Concrete pouring requires specific conditions and temperatures.
Each section requires the existing footpath is first excavated and the ground levelled. This is then compacted in readiness for the concrete. Lightweight shuttering is used to contain the concrete to prevent any spillage to the surrounding area. Each pour takes one full day, with concrete being brought in along the narrow path from the truck located further away. The new surface is poured, levelled by machine and finished by hand. It then needs ten to twelve hours to cure before the shuttering can be removed. An expansion joint is inserted along the joining edges to allow the concrete to expand and contract. This is then sealed with a silicone state marine grade sealant.
Part of the improvements and to solve historic drainage and pooling issues. Cormac have installed a new drainage system within the path at the Station House. The wall at the Hoxton Special has also been reprofiled to accommodate the concrete trucks.
Also sections of embankment have been reprofiled to maximise the width of the path available to users.
Covid safety measures remain in place and sections of the path will be closed whilst they are being worked on. We are mindful of the safety of both our site teams and of the general public and ask that barriers or signage are not breached. If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about this, please call 0300 1234 222 or email us at

Updated 26/03/2021
We’re currently making good progress and pouring around three sections of the new path each week. We are aiming to complete the sections outside of the Station pub and Hoxton Special by Easter. Or at least by the time Lockdown lifts, so they can start to trade. The team have now moved along to this end. Skipping sections in the middle that they will return to later. Another team are working hard on the Penzance end of the path. It’s hoped that we will be able to open the section to the footbridge, by Easter as well. In order to do this, the footbridge will need to be closed to pedestrians. This will be for about a week, so that we can join it to the new path. It’s likely that this will be in the next two weeks.

We do appreciate that these improvements cause disruption for those who currently use the path, but hope that everyone can bear with us. It is much appreciated and we’re very grateful to everyone for their patience and support. The concrete paths on the Marazion side of Long Rock Car Park are to be completed towards the end of June. The Penzance side at the end of July (excluding landscaping).

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