Broadmoor Farm, Saltash


Broadmoor Farm, Saltash - Section 278

Planning permission has been granted for a new development at Broadmoor Farm. Cornwall Council have appointed Cormac to carry out the associated Section 278 works. Due to start on the 19 April, it is expected that our works will take us to the end of October.

Construction of a new roundabout on the A388 and the entrance to the development. There will also be some improvements to the existing road layout and construction of new footways. Plus provision of new drainage, landscaping, new street lighting and associated utility works. Finishing with resurfacing of the road from the existing Waitrose roundabout to Carkeel.

The works have been planned in several phases, to minimise impact to road users. We will make use of narrowed traffic lanes at all times throughout the project. This allows us to carry out daytime working without the use of traffic lights. Where we require traffic management, the works are to be carried out at night. Minimising impact to road users.

Phase One

Commencing April 2021, this will include the set-up of our compound. Traffic management is being installed on the 26 April. We will begin to form the West side of the roundabout throughout the day. Drainage connection and tie-ins to the highway will need to be carried out at night time. This is using two-way traffic lights.

Phase Two

During this phase, we will be working on the East side of the site. This phase of construction will follow the same process as above. Traffic using the new constructed section.

Phase Three

In phase three we are carrying out works to the centre carriageway. Linking the newly constructed East and West sections. We will then move back to the West and South sides to install the permanent kerb-line for the new roundabout. Finally moving on to construct the footways during the daytime. Along with the construction of the roundabout centre island. This is using 4 way traffic lights, at night.

Phase Four 

Phase four is the final phase of the works. Which will include the final surfacing of the entire scheme. Due to the nature of the works this will be carried out at night time under traffic lights. Please note, that resurfacing works are an extremely noisy process. It is likely that you may experience some associated disruption. We use equipment to track and reduce noise levels and will do our upmost to limit disturbance. Following the resurfacing, white lines painted. Plus high friction and anti-skid surfacing.


As is normal practice we have allowed some extra time in case the weather is particularly poor. It is possible that the underground services may prove complex. This may add more time to the programme. However, we have conducted trial holes and surveys to keep this to a minimum. As I’m sure you can appreciate adverse weather conditions can impact progress. Some operations such as surfacing need very specific weather conditions.

If you have any queries or concerns or would like to speak to someone about this. Please call 0300 1234 222 or email us at

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