Higher Cuddra Farm, Holmbush

Now in the final phase of our Section 278 works for the Devonshire Homes development at Higher Cuddra Farm, Holmbush, St Austell, the final surfacing of the highway is programmed to begin on Monday 5 November. This will take place at night time and is anticipated to take around four nights. Following this the white lines will be laid and high friction anti-skid sections added, taking us up to and including the nights of Sunday 11 November.

With favourable weather conditions, we will begin the cutting and installation of the traffic loop sensors on 19 November, again at night time.

Some of these works may be quite noisy and every effort will be made to minimise the disturbance those living nearby will experience during these essential final stages.

Please note that resurfacing of the A390 also starts on 5 November and overlaps with these works.

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