Place Road, Fowey

Earlier in 2018, two sections of a retaining wall on Place Road collapsed. Temporary stabilisation measures have been in place ever since, with the road closed for safety reasons.

Remedial measures are planned, which will include the removal of the vegetation and any unstable masonry, excavation, then drilling and installation of up to 12m long soil nails, which will be grouted in to place.  The reconstruction of a masonry-reinforced concrete wall will finish the project. 

The design stage is complete. However we are currently negotiating the legal agreements for the soil nailing to take place, and some design changes may be required to satisfy these agreements. Once in place, we expect we will be able to start work in mid-November. Work will the cease for the Christmas period (Place Road will remain closed), recommencing in January 2019.

Work is likely to take in the region of twelve weeks, though adverse weather conditions may cause delays. Place Road will remain closed to vehicles throughout, though pedestrian access for residents will be accommodated.

The retaining wall repair at Fowey Hotel Gardens on the Esplanade is now likely to be postponed until October 2019 in an effort to reduce the disruption to the residents and the town's busy events calendar.

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