St Austell Bay Resilient Regeneration (StARR)

Starr Project Graphic

The St Austell Bay Resilient Regeneration (StARR) project aims to reduce flood risk to communities living and working in the St Austell Bay area, particularly in Par and St Blazey. The proposed scheme will bring benefits to the area by encouraging investment and making St Austell Bay a better place to work, live and play.

Update 08/06/2022

The Raingardens project is progressing well and on programme for completion by mid-July. To date, these works have been carried out during the daytime, with a road closure in place from Bob’s Road, to Par Lane mini roundabout. However, access for those who need to come and go, has been accommodated using traffic lights.

For the period Monday 20 June to Friday 1 July, we will be constructing a second raingarden further down Par Lane, in front of Treasure Row, and in order to do so need to fully implement the closure. Again, this will be daytime works only and the closure will be removed overnight and at weekends. All properties will be accessible from either one end of Par Lane, or the other, but there will be no through-road. Emergency vehicles will be accommodated, as will the school bus.

The final resurfacing phase is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 5th July, weather permitting. For this to take place Par Lane must be fully closed, to all vehicles from 7am until 5.30pm. Access will be maintained for the college coach using Old Roselyon Road, and Bus Service 24 will have a diverted route for the day. See more information on bus services.

Many thanks to everyone for their patience while these works are underway. If you have any queries, or would like to speak to someone this, please call  0300 1234 222 or email us at

Par Lane Raingardens update Feb 2021

We will soon be mobilising to site at Par Lane. The utility diversions are now complete, and we’ll begin on 14 March. Completion is expected to be towards the end of July.

As part of the StARR Project we’ll be creating Raingardens on Par Lane. These are essentially drainage channels installed alongside the road, planted with herbaceous plants and grasses . They collect excess rainwater and provide additional drainage, as well as helping to filter out pollutants, and providing habitat, food and shelter for birds and beneficial insects.

The works will be carried out during the daytime, with a road closure in place from Bob’s Road, to Par lane mini roundabout. Residents, emergency vehicles and public transport will continue to be able to use the road, however we will be installing temporary speed restrictions to protect our workforce.

We do appreciate that this will cause some invonvenience to those who live in the area and thank everyone in advance for being so patient whilst the works are underway and the closure in place. If you have any queries, or would like to speak to someone this, please call  0300 1234 222 or email us at  

Diversion Parr

The red line denotes the closed section of road. The green line shows the diversion route.

Ponts Mill

Since the start of the new year, Cormac have undertaken the installation of the ground erosion control on the side of the embankment, and into the drainage berm at the bottom of the slope. This involved laying geotextile sheets beneath a tree root protection system which is then filled with topsoil to hold them open. Thereafter a layer of erosion matting is applied and pinned in place over the bank and berm. Following this the matt is again folded with 20mm of topsoil ready for wildflower seeding. This process will be repeated along the length of the embankment and will take in the region of 250 tonnes of topsoil.
The project continues to progress well and remains on schedule for February 2021 completion

Par Lane

Cormac mobilised to site on the 11 January. Establishing a compound and welfare area at Par Docks, set up traffic management, and safety signage for the works. The team excavated a line of existing kerbs in preparation for installation of new specialist drainage kerbs. Which will improve drainage of surface water distribution. On completion of this section we will move over to the East side of St Blazey Road and repeat the process.

Edgcumbe Terrace

Commencing the 21 February at Edgcumbe Terrace. Highway drainage will be installed. This will include gullies, maintenance chambers and supporting distribution pipework.
In the landscaped area itself, a storage pond will be installed. This will assist with the drainage of excess water from the highway. Then discharging it via distribution outlet, back into the system when required.

Bull Engine

Commencing 19 March for fourteen weeks. Our compound is being installed at the Burrows Centre carpark. Works will include the excavation of a water storage pond at the play area. Plus extra drainage installed within the highway. This will assist with drainage of excess water. It will also connect a new drainage system to the existing surface water removal system.


The next phase of the project will be around Doubletrees School, starting on the 13 April 2021. Before the main works can start, the first task is to install a temporary carpark. This is within the Cricket Club’s grounds which will take 6 weeks. After this time, please note that only pedestrian access will be available from the cricket club to the school entrance. A new path is being built to allow this access.

The works will then consist of the construction of a new water storage tank. Which will situated beneath the school carpark. This will collect excess surface water. It will connect to a gravity drainage system. Which will transport the water from the storage tank, to the outlet at a lower level on the school access road.

Alterations are being made to the highway drainage systems on the A390. These are opposite the entrance to the school. This will include the installation of extra gullies, water chambers and new distribution pipework. Works will be taking place during the daytime. Two way traffic lights will be in set up to ensure the safety of the workforce. During peak times (7.30am to 9.30am and 4pm to 6.30pm). These signals will be manually operated to ensure maximum traffic flow.

The school car park will reopen and resurfaced once the storage tank has been installed. The works will take in the region of 40 weeks, taking us to the end of February 2022. Please keep in mind that adverse weather conditions can sometimes slow progress and cause delays.



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