Trewhiddle Section 278, St Austell

Cormac is making improvements to the highway near the Trewhiddle Farm housing development in St Austell. We expect the work to take place until around mid-July 2020 and will be setting up our site by the end of October 2019, subject to the necessary agreements with Cornwall Council and Wainhomes being in place. 

The work includes the narrowing of the existing carriageway to facilitate a new junction and roundabout, installation of new drainage systems with upgrades to the existing facilities, utility diversions and connections, laying anti-skid surfaces, construction of kerbs and ducting, new street-lighting and the construction of pedestrian islands for access in to the development. Towards the end of the programme, final surfacing and white lining will be carried out at night time, in order to avoid closing the road during the day. We will let you know more specific timings a little nearer to the time.

The first phase of work will be to remove the central island on the A390, allowing the construction of temporary narrowed traffic lanes. This will enable two-way traffic to run for the duration of the works. The speed limit through the site will mainly be 20mph, with a full closure in force during the night time final surfacing operations, towards the end of the programme. The 20mph speed restriction will be monitored using variable message signs. 

During phases one and two, the traffic flow will remain as it is. We’ll be working on the south side, off the road itself, with barriers in place to protect the workforce and the travelling public. The hatching and islands will be removed, so that the south lane can move over towards the centre of the road. The 20mph speed limit in place to slow the traffic through the works,ensuring driver safety through the narrow lane section. There will be temporary lining during phase two to prevent vehicles overtaking.

In phase three, the newly constructed south side of the road will be used for west-bound traffic heading towards Sticker. Traffic heading towards St Austell will remain as it is in phases one and two. Again there will be a 20mph speed limit.

In phases four and five, the north side of the new roundabout and footway will be constructed and linked to Hill Park Crescent – and utility diversions and connections carried out. In particular the large, medium pressure gas main that will feed the new development will be connected. During this time the narrow lane traffic will be moved over to the south side of the carriageway and the 20mph limit remain in place.

In phases six and seven, the temporary lanes will be removed and we will construct footways to the new development. During the latter, a central island will be constructed at night time, using traffic lights which will be removed during the day.

Phase eight will consist of night closures for the final surfacing, high friction surfacing and white lining. As we approach this stage, more specific dates will be announced. Local residents will be kept informed throughout and their access and egress will be maintained.  

Traffic Management plans are subject to change, should any unforeseen circumstances arise.

If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to speak to someone about this, please call 0300 1234 222 or email us at




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