Night-time detour for Mount Folly works

Created 02 Aug, 2017

A night-time detour will be in place for two weeks as granite kerbing and surfacing works take place at Mount Folly in Bodmin.

The detour, which will be in use from Monday 7 August, will take people along Harleigh Road, over the Beacon, and back along Dennison Road.
Alex Hoffen, senior project manager at Cormac, said: “The detour will be in place from 7pm to 6.30am every weekday for a fortnight. Given the times it will be operational, we expect overall impacts to be minimal. The only people it will really affect are those who need to travel from one side of the town centre to the other. There are numerous alternative routes for those travelling elsewhere.

Work recently restarted in the area after a short delay caused by discovering cables at a much shallower depth than records said they would be. This meant we were unable to work to the blueprints devised for this part of the scheme, as we are not allowed to undertake work on cables or services owned by other statutory undertakers without approval. This has prevented us being able to progress work any further at the time, so we put our people to work elsewhere on the project. Works on Mount Folly resumed on Thursday 27 July after we received permission to proceed from BT and Cornwall Council.

“Working an additional week of nights before prior to the surfacing will allow us to catch up on time lost on this particular section, minimise the disruption to traffic, and put us right back on schedule.” said Alex.

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