Massive improvements to local footpaths at Towednack Parish

Created 11 Apr, 2017

CORMAC in partnership with Cornwall Council and The Ramblers have been working in Towednack Parish over the last couple of months and have now completed a number of improvements to the local paths.

One particular path was very overgrown and with dense bracken and brambles, and to all intents and purposes, impassable. This has now been cleared and roadside signage erected. A kissing gate has been installed and the path has been refurbished, re-opened and made usable.

 Public Footpath at Towedback Parish before works were carried out covered in brambles

Kissing Gate installed at Towednak Parish as part of path improvements

Near to Embla Gew a 4.8 metre bridge has been put in across the stream and the granite stile of shrubbery and wire adjacent to the bridge has been cleared. This now provides easy access to the Open Access land that lies beyond.

To aid navigation a way-marker post has been erected mid-way across the Open Access on the line of the Towednack path.

4.8 metre bridge put in at Towednack parish footpath

Landowners and occupiers were very co-operative during these works removing barbed wire obstructions and electric fences.

While there are minor works to complete CORMAC are really proud of the improvements here but in the meantime hope the locals and visitors are enjoying being able to use the foot paths in this beautiful area of Cornwall and continue to do so. 

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