Cormac works recommencing

Created 18 May, 2020

Cormac will be making a phased return to carry out key repair and maintenance works, alongside essential planned critical projects over the coming weeks.  This will ensure that the road network and essential community infrastructure remain accessible and safe.  This is essential for those who still need to travel; key workers travelling to and from work, those who need to shop for basic necessities, people walking and cycling for exercise and those providing care for vulnerable people; as well as maintaining the condition of 4,500 miles of our roads.

Below is a list of upcoming works for information:

Shutta Road, Looe – resumed 11 May

Work has resumed with a reduced site presence, to allow for social distancing, guidelines and safety measures. It is anticipated that this programme of work will last in the region of twelve weeks, during which there will be no through road for vehicles, at any time. Pedestrian access will be maintained.

Boscawen Street – Proposed start date w/c 25 May

The work will carry out improvements to the surface of part of Boscawen Street, removing historic cobbles (or “sets”), strengthening the surface, then replacing and grouting them. We are hoping to progress the work while the city is quiet and to potentially complete prior to the relaxation of current social restrictions.

Chykembro – proposed start date w/c 25 May

The work involves stabilisation work on the embankment that supports the road at Chykembro, on the B3306. A strengthened embankment to the south of the stream is being built, and to the north, the embankment re-profiled. The existing “narrowed lanes” traffic management will remain in place during the works.

Stickenbridge – proposed start date w/c 1 June

The work includes repair works to a drainage leak on private land and off the highway. No traffic management or disruption to the public.

Old Bridge Street, Truro – proposed start date w/c 1 June

In January repairs commenced to the wall that retains the footway from Bridge Street Carpark in Truro, to St Mary’s Street. The damaged parapet has been removed and the bank excavated to river level, with a new masonry wall to be built with supporting concrete works, preserving the traditional finish of the existing structure. A scaffold path has been built to allow pedestrians to continue as usual.

Rosemary Cottage, Gunnislake – proposed start date w/c 1 June

This work includes stabilisation of a retaining wall on Newbridge Hill. This will be followed by the reinstatement of the garden, it’s terraces and landscaping. In an effort to minimise the disruption to the commuters on the A390, work is being carried out primarily using priority lanes, with the periodic use of manually controlled two-way traffic lights kept to a minimum.

Fowey Hotel Gardens – proposed start date w/c 1 June

The repairs to the retaining wall on the Esplanade, Fowey are now approaching their final stages. The Esplanade is closed to through traffic during the works, with access available to private parking bays and garages and pedestrian access maintained.

Trethowel, St Austell – proposed start date w/c 8 June

There was flood alleviation works carried out to the playing field in January, involving the installation of a new and more robust drainage line. Current works will upgrade the existing pipework through the playing field and will take place off the B3274. Traffic lights are in place to allow for safe plant operation.

All sites will have strict safeguarding measures in line with current health and safety and Public Health England guidance to ensure the safety of Cornwall’s residents and Cormac staff.

We would like to ask everyone to please be kind to the workforce and observe any diversions or safety fencing that is in place. Our teams are working within the guidelines laid out by the Government for construction works, and we are proud to be able to contribute in these extraordinary times by ensuring the safety of our key workers, and preparing the county to get back to normal as quickly as possible when the current restrictions are relaxed.

Information about our highway services and fault reporting is available as normal, but it make take a little longer than usual for us to respond to some types of report.

For up-to-date information on what is happening in your area, updates will be posted on the Cormac website programming pages.


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