The Long Rock Coastal Improvements Project update

Created 06 Feb, 2020

Erdf LogoThe Long Rock Coastal Improvements Project is a £3.7m initiative and is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The scheme is being carried out by Cormac Solutions Ltd. The project is to improve resillience to flooding and coastal erosion along the frontage of Mount's Bay. This runs from Mount's Bay between Marazion and Eastern Green. 

Project update: 

January 2020

Marazion Marsh weir works and ducting works - Works completed: removal of the dwarf wall and construction of the crane pad and lay down area for future weir wall works. Also the installation of the weir cofferdam frame and banking plates for flow control.

December 2019

Marazion Marsh - The amphibious excavator was mobilised on the marsh in October 2019. The open water channels were completed in December 2019 and the amphibious excavator was removed from the marsh.

Photo Of Open Water Channel Works On The Marsh500

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