Roadworks and traffic


The map shows up-to-date information about roadworks, road closures and diversions, traffic incidents and other disruptions affecting the road network.

On desktop you can change your view of the map in three ways:

  • use the bar to in the top left side of the screen to zoom in and out and navigate using the arrow buttons above this
  • click and drag with your mouse to navigate and use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out
  • use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate and the '+' '-' keys to zoom in and out

On a mobile or tablet device you can change your view of the map by pressing '+' '-' keys to zoom in and out

You can return to your current location using the location button in the top right hand corner.

Map view

The map will automatically show all roadworks taking place today. You can then use the date filter to see what's happening at different times.

Each icon represents a different type of incident or roadwork. You can click each icon to see:

  • the affected road and location
  • the start and end date of the works
  • a description of the works and reference number
  • the current status

If there are multiple works occurring in a small area on the map, it will show a red triangle surrounded by a number, indicating the number of roadworks.
You can view each icon separately by zooming in to the affected area.

Adding new layers

Use the map layers tab to show more information about roadworks and other local facilities.

Traffic incidents and roadworks

You can use the 'Traffic incidents and roadworks' tab to show upcoming roadworks and traffic congestion.

You can either type in a date range to show upcoming roadworks or click the 'next two weeks' or 'next 12 months' buttons.

Public transport

This tab enables you to see public transport within your local area. These icons are not prominently displayed and you will need to zoom into the map to see them.

Base map

The 'Base map' tab allows you to change the format of the map between:

  • roads - the standard road map format
  • satellite - a map made up of satellite images
  • terrain - a less detailed road map which shows elevation
  • OSM - showing footpaths and bridleways

A30 and A38 trunk roads

All roadworks carried out on trunk roads (A30, A38) are the responsibility of Highways England

Consultations on traffic schemes

To find out about current consultations from Cornwall Council visit the online consultation finder.