What is Cyclewise?

Cyclewise is a volunteer-led cycle training scheme for children aged 10 years old and above. It operates in line with the latest guidance from the Cycle Training Standards Board and is run by fully trained, DBS checked volunteer instructors.

The course is 75% road based to enable trainees to practice bike control and hazard perception skills in a real-world environment.  Courses run over an average of four 2-hour sessions.

A pre-cursor course, Cyclewise Juniors, is also available for children aged 7 years and above and is a 2 hour playground-based skills course, designed to precede Cyclewise or Bikeability Level 2.

Why should my child undertake cycle training?

Cycling is a great way for children to travel to school and is often one of their first forms of independence.  However, children can be especially vulnerable on the road and cannot always be expected to understand or carry out safe manoeuvres. Cyclewise is designed to increase road awareness and help promote safer cycling.

How can I become an instructor?

Visit our Instructor Training page for information and advice on becoming a Cyclewise Instructor. 

If you are already an Instructor, please contact us for downloadable resources and online course booking.

Why should I volunteer as an instructor?

Whether you are a member of school staff, a parent yourself or a cyclist who wants to give something back to your local community, volunteer instructors are essential to our scheme!  You will gain a sense of satisfaction at seeing an improvement in the children's awareness of safer cycling and in fact, many instructors tell us their driving improves because they develop increased awareness as road users. 

If you have more questions about Cyclewise or Cyclewise Juniors, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us on 01872 326737 or email us at

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