Enhancing our local environment

CORMAC is committed to enhancing and protecting natural and built environments underpinned by our vision of delivering sustainable solutions safely. Through our clearly defined procedures, training and communications we make sure that our environmental objectives are embedded within our company culture. 

We recognise our legal duty under all environmental legislation to minimise the impacts our activities have on the environment and to provide competent advice to our employees regarding environmental issues.

Land use and wildlife

CORMAC is committed to managing its operations to the highest environmental standards. We work with over 100 local and national conservation and countryside groups to protect and enhance our local natural environment. These include Clean Cornwall, Eden Project, Britain In Bloom (plus local In Bloom organisations), Keep Britain Tidy, RSPB and the Woodland Trust.

Sustainable materials

CORMAC works closely with its supply chain to source sustainable materials wherever possible and promote environmental initiatives on reducing use of natural resources.

We source timber products from Forest Stewardship Council managed forests or suppliers ensuring our timber comes from responsibly managed forests. 

CORMAC is committed to reducing its carbon emissions across its fleet, buildings and projects. 

Waste reduction

CORMAC is aspiring to a zero waste to landfill target and we demonstrate our commitment to making a difference by signing up to the WRAP Utilities Industry Agreement in line with South West Highway Authorities and Utilities Commitment (SW HAUC), which promotes waste reduction and resource efficiency. 

Sustainable water

CORMAC continues to be committed to sustainable working practices and reducing our impact on our local environment.

We will continue to manage our carbon footprint, reduce waste and recycle materials used. CORMAC is committed to supporting wildlife and enhancing the landscape and this will be evident during our work in coming years. 

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