Ensuring health and safety

Safety is CORMAC’s number one priority enabling us to continue to play our part in improving workplaces for our employees, clients, partners and the public. We are aspiring towards zero incidents and accidents, where injury becomes a thing of the past.

Safety first can best be described as a core value. Something which everyone believes in, from the Managing Director to the newest employee. That belief needs to be visible, and demonstrated in everything CORMAC does. Safety first needs to be embedded in the culture of the company. It means incorporating safety in everything CORMAC set out to do, from the start, first time and every time.

CORMAC’s Safety first strategy is to:

  • put safety at the forefront of everything we do, avoid unnecessary risks, promote and create a Safety first working environment;
  • act and behave so that we stay safe and keep the environment and people around us safe;
  • ensure safety is everyone’s responsibility - don’t walk by. We must challenge and report anything we think is unsafe or wrong;
  • continually improve our safety, health and environmental performance, through “no blame”, honesty and reporting of incidents, near misses, and unsafe situations;
  • “design in” safe working practices (avoiding risk) and plan our health, safety, welfare and environmental management before we start our work and continually monitor progress;
  • understand and comply with our policies, procedures and rules, ensuring all people have the necessary support, training and competencies to do their job safely; and
  • aspire towards zero incidents and accidents where injury becomes a thing of the past.

CORMAC measures the impact of the Safety first strategy and the following summary shows progress to date. It should be noted that reporting has increased considerably which is an indication that everyone is more aware of safety issues. 

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