Working at night

We often have to undertake some of our work at night (7pm to 7am). Conditions restricting us to working at night are often made part of our contractual obligations with the client for who we’re working. The main reason for doing so is to minimise disruption our work may have on traffic flows, especially on major routes.

We know that working at night still causes disruption, especially to those who live nearby. Sounds seem to carry further and, owing to lack of background noise, are much more noticeable. Bright lights shining when it should be dark are also distracting. At Cormac, we recognise our working at night is likely to be an inconvenience to someone, but we do our best to minimise it.

Here’s how:


  • The design and material of acoustic tents and barriers helps to muffle and absorb noise, reducing the volume by up to 30 decibels.
  • Using low noise equipment
  • Undertake as much of the persistent noisy work as possible before 11pm. However, this is not always possible, and given the nature of the work we do, intermittent loud noise is always likely.



  • On-site lights are placed to minimise glare while maximising illumination on the work area.


Planning and monitoring

  • We carefully plan our schedule to minimise disruption through spending less time on site.The quicker we can get the job done, the less you’re disturbed. This requires detailed planning of resources and coordination with organisers of key events. We also check to see if utilities and other providers can undertake work at the same time as we’re doing it.
  • A team of specialist consultants regularly visit work sites. These teams monitor noise levels and, where possible, suggest improvements to our work practices.


Working with you, for you

Most importantly, no matter what measures we put in place, we know they don’t work for everyone all the time. We are always happy to discuss individual circumstances.

If our works are causing a particular issue, let us know. We’ll be happy to visit and see if there’s anything we can do.


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