Cormac’s strategic workforce plan focuses on recruitment, training, apprenticeships and career development in all areas of our business.

Attracting and retaining diverse talent are at the core of Cormac’s careers strategy. Recruiting in schools and colleges throughout Cornwall, and offering inhouse training, apprenticeships and graduate schemes to draw in skilled employees from all over the country, and the world. As we extend our reach beyond Cornwall, we open up careers opportunities to a wider workforce.

Employee vision

Our vision is to blend recruitment and aspiration among our local community with expansion of diverse talents from around the UK and overseas.

Cormac is one of the largest employers in Cornwall, with over nine hundred employees. Our recruitment and training goals include ‘upskilling Cornwall’ though apprenticeships, training programmes and liaising with colleges and universities in the county. Cormac’s vision, as we expand into other areas, is to provide aspiration and career opportunities in all of our work bases.

Cormac has recently introduced a mentoring programme – offering staff the opportunity to be mentored by an industry leader from another business. We support our employees in gaining professional and technical accreditation – particularly, but not exclusively, in engineering. We also offer opportunities to gain MBAs, masters and charterships.


  • One of the things I'm most proud of is the development of our diversity as a business.

    Mark Rands

    Business Director, Cormac

  • Part of the strategic workforce plan is our appraisal process, and the development opportunities for people in the business – creating a culture of recognition for all employees as they progress their careers.

    Hannah Frame

    Group Head of Resourcing, Corserv

  • The most important thing for us outside of filling the roles is the community engagement piece.

    Hannah Frame

    Group Head of Resourcing, Corserv

  • Leaders in Sustainability

    Sustainability in our workforce means providing opportunities for career development. We currently have 46 employees on apprenticeship schemes, and offer work experience, summer placements and industrial placements to school, college and university students. We are proud that 50% of our executive leadership team have progressed from grassroots level within Cormac.


    Leaders in Sustainability
  • Always adding Social value

    Working with schools and colleges across Cornwall, we are focused on offering career opportunities to locals who might otherwise leave the county for work, or fail to find careers which nurture development. We take our role as a leading employer seriously, visiting schools and colleges to offer workshops in interview techniques and workplace skills. Our aim is to nurture talent to serve the twin purpose of filling our skills gaps and adding social value to our community–supporting growth in the county.

    Always adding Social value
  • Championing Diversity

    While providing local job opportunities, Cormac has a commitment to bringing in cultural and talent diversity to our business. We have graduate placements from ethnically diverse backgrounds and from various regions around the world, including India, Iran, Pakistan and Nigeria. Cormac is proud to employ from diverse groups, including transgender, LGBT and BAME members. Attracting women into Cormac has been a longstanding recruitment drive, and we now have a 25-35% female senior leadership team.

    Championing Diversity

    Championing Diversity

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