Marine, Coastal and Waterways

Cornwall has more coastline per capita than any other county in the UK

Cormac has over three decades of experience working with Cornwall Council and private clients in the management of over four hundred and twenty miles of coastline and beaches, as well as inland waterways. Our Marine, Coastal and Waterways department covers a broad range of projects; from specialist cliff inspections and advice to major coastal protection works and sand clearance, to events management.


Diverse Skillsets

Cornwall’s exposure to ferocious storms has helped us develop one the most skilled and resourceful marine engineering teams in the UK

By keeping capabilities in-house, we offer highly experienced teams that streamline processes to drive efficiency. From the very first stage of advice, investigations and testing, to design, planning and liaising with communities through to construction – our highly qualified and multi-disciplinary teams ensure that the project is seamlessly managed.

We offer a consultancy service for all areas of marine, coastal and waterways planning and design. Any investigations and works are carried by our own highly qualified employees and trusted sub-contractors. We also employ a large in-house fleet of plant machinery and vehicles. 


Our experience covers all aspects of beach management – whether it’s resolving subsidence from cliffs and access routes, advising on seaweed removal, or advising on and supporting beach-based events. We offer advice, design and construction capabilities to ensure that projects are completed with minimal impact on communities and the environment. 

Coastal protection and infrastructure

Cormac’s expertise in sea defences is second to none. We have carried out major projects to renovate sea walls, reverse the impact of storm and coastal erosion and protect against future sea damage. Recent projects include: installing rock armour on storm-battered coastlines, rebuilding Penzance promenade and the Jubilee Pool, and renovating Newquay Harbour Pier.

Waterways and wetlands

Ensuring that watercourses are free-flowing and at low risk of flooding is at the heart of our wetlands and river maintenance specialism. Cormac has been contracted to carry out river and marsh projects including clearing reed beds and subsidence, clearing silt, debris and gravel deposits, as well as remedial work on flood-damaged wetland areas. Our multidisciplinary teams assess, design and project manage a wide range of river and wetland remedial and monitoring works.   

  • We want to be seen as a market leader in terms of our sustainable, socio-economic delivery.

    Mark Rands

    Business Director, Cormac

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