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Gaining the technical knowledge and experience you need to be successful in your job and future career

Get paid, get skilled, get your career going!

Cormac's apprenticeships are a great way to #buildyourfuture, providing you with a permanent contract, a competitive salary and a training programme dedicated to getting the best out of you.

Our apprenticeships are a mix of formal training and real-world experience, which help you to build a foundation for a successful career. Our apprentices put the skills and knowledge they learn into practice while working alongside our experienced staff.

Why Cormac?

By choosing to apply for an apprenticeship at Cormac, you are opening a world of possibilities to forge an amazing career in a growing Cornish business. Imagine being involved in shaping the future of our landscape, designing infrastructure and contributing to projects that transform communities. With an apprenticeship at Cormac, you’re not just helping to shape the future of our business but opening a limitless number of opportunities for your future career.

Cormac is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce and this is demonstrated in our apprenticeships. Whether you are looking to take your first step into the world of work, want to take your career to the next level or are exploring a new opportunity, Cormac offer apprenticeships that can support you on your career journey.

In addition to working towards the qualifications that are included in your apprenticeship program, we actively support your personal development.

  • Engage in impactful volunteering work to support local communities and develop your own skills
  • Join professional networks to form valuable connections and develop mentoring skills
  • Pursue professional accreditation to reinforce expertise in your area

Apprenticeships at Cormac are more than just a formal education and we are committed to providing you with experiences that contribute to you reaching your full potential.

How to Apply

To browse our roles, recruitment process and to apply, please go to our Careers website, linked with Corserv or email us at

Discover how current apprentices thrive and their advice for starting an apprenticeship.

Level 6 Civil Engineer (degree) Apprenticeship Standard - Christine Laessing

Level 4 Civil Engineering Senior Technician Apprenticeship Standard - Eusebiu Suhanea

Level 4 Civil Engineering Senior Technician Apprenticeship Standard - Chris Maude

Level 3 Civil Engineering Technician Apprenticeship Standard - Zack Hill

Level 3 Civil Engineering Technician Apprenticeship Standard - Kelvyn Tootle

Level 2 Horticulture and Landscape Operative Apprenticeship Standard - Jasmine Eggins

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Highlighted this week, Will Buse (from Level 2 apprenticeship level to Assistant Resource Manager)

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