Cormac and WJ announce school playground markings competition winners

2 December 2022

Congratulations go to St Mark’s Church of England and Calstock Primary School, joint winners of our competition to win new playground markings.

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Let’s have a drum roll please for the winning artists, Miya Dawkins aged 7 and Katie Gardner aged 11.

Primary school children were invited to get their creative thinking caps on and consider the theme of creating a cleaner, greener environment in their playground designs. From games involving mazes and bees, to penguins, planets, and lily ponds. There were so many entries to choose from.

The competition was launched in January in partnership with WJ, one of Cormac’s supply chain partners and specialist road safety and marking company, which operates across the UK. Both companies joined forces as part their commitment to improving the wellbeing of Cornwall’s communities through their day-to-day activities.

We will soon be involving the winning schools’ in the design process and finding the perfect place for the installations. We can’t wait to make Miya and Katie’s artwork come to life and help them to leave a wonderful legacy for years’ to come. 

Terry Trevelyn, Managing Director WJ South West said: “Sustainability and environmental impact is something that we truly care about at WJ, we believe that creating awareness especially with our children is a great place to start making a difference. The task of selecting one winner from all the entries was simply impossible. The judges could tell that a lot of effort had gone into each and every entry. After much deliberation the panel decided to award the top prize to two pupils. They both gave the environment theme a lot of thought and this was clearly reflected in their designs”.

Andy James, Business Director at Cormac, commented: “ If you want a great playground design, who better to ask than the children who play in them? I would like to say thank you to everyone who took part and for getting involved sharing such imaginative ideas. Our environment is something we must all take steps in our everyday lives to help protect. Children learning this from a young age is important for their generation as they grow up”.

View a PDF of the winning art by Miya Dawkins and Katie Gardner


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