Cormac print scrub patterns for front-line key workers

28 November 2022

Supporting the incredible work front-line key workers do everyday.

Scrubs 499X375

We are all so proud of the amazing work carried out by our engineering design teams at Cormac, who produce designs for major road schemes and infrastructure projects all over Cornwall.

Since the first cries for additional PPE were issued by the NHS and social care organisations, our team have spent time printing scrub patterns for front-line key workers, using our in house printers and plotters. Working with volunteers, on this latest batch means we will have supported the production and enabled the delivery of over 200 scrubs to local health care providers.

And the team haven't stopped, they continue to support the making of more scrubs every day, supporting our local communities. "For a lot of people it feels like they are giving something back,” said Richard Taylor, Head of Design Consultancy at Cormac “At a time when people have realised the value of the health care sector and want to help, colleagues have found another way to support our services and NHS locally.


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