Cormac uses innovative battery-powered equipment to carry out essential community services

25 June 2024

As part of their innovation strategy, staff from leading civil engineering, highway, and environmental services provider Cormac have been using STIHL battery-powered equipment to carry out services on behalf of local communities.

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STIHL’s outdoor equipment offers several advantages over petrol machines, including low vibration and noise levels, making it cleaner and safer for the operators and the environment. It also eliminates the need to store and transport fuel.

Cormac recently purchased professional battery-powered brushcutters and power stations for its coastal clearance teams to clear footpaths.

Fred Aston, Commercial Solutions Consultant at STIHL, said:

“We pride ourselves on both safety and user experience at STIHL. Our petrol machines have featured anti-vibration systems for many years, and we are constantly developing more powerful, lower vibration and more fuel-efficient models. Regarding our extremely fast-growing battery-powered range, these have no emissions, lower vibrations and lower decibels compared to their petrol equivalents.

“From my work with Cormac and their operatives, the feedback on our equipment has been incredibly positive. Long-term machinery trials have resulted in real-life positive experiences, giving Cormac the confidence that STIHL is the solution for their outdoor power equipment needs.”

Cormac operatives use the FSA 200, a battery brushcutter, which has the equivalent power of STIHL’s petrol FS 361 C-EM.

Using the PS 3000 portable power supply, Cormac can also charge batteries anywhere and have access to 240v power in remote locations.

Andy James, Business Director - Term Service Contracts at Cormac, commented:

“The feedback from our operatives using the STIHL equipment has been highly positive.

“Using the equipment allows us to reduce carbon and, importantly, the impact of noise and vibration for our operational teams. This leads to health, safety, and environmental benefits, helping us to further deliver value for our communities.”

Ann Trevarton, Cormac’s Operations Manager, said:

“We conducted extensive trials before we decided to purchase via STIHL. We are determined to reduce our operations’ impact on the local environment, and this investment is an important step in demonstrating our commitment.”

Going forward STIHL will continue to work with Cormac, and plan to set them up on an e-learning platform, for access to training.

STIHL is also set to introduce a new fleet management system, STIHL Connected, as well as training support for in-house maintenance and servicing.

New machines and even pre-production machines will also be deployed for feedback.



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