Healthy Streets Truro

28 November 2022

Transforming Truro’s Boscawen Street

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In keeping with Truro’s Healthy Street ethos Cormac are supporting the initiative by using a combination of pollinator friendly, shade and drought tolerant planting.

These planters will provide sustainable wildlife friendly planting, that gives year-round interest and colour, but more importantly, a valuable food source for birds and insects in the streetscape.

This action is a small but an important part of Cormac’s work to help pollinators and improve biodiversity in our urban spaces.

Cormac have been selected to complete the planters with the majority of the plants locally grown in their garden depots.

The planters are part of the first phase of Truro’s Healthy Streets project, working with local residents and businesses to develop a new vision for Truro which will ensure that the city centre is accessible to all of the community and make the city a thriving place for the future.

The planters are designed to reduce traffic and pollution levels in the city centre and create a better environment for all, allowing space for people to move around safely and comfortably.

The 12 month trial will help to regenerate the city centre at the same time as increasing opportunities for walking, cycling and bus use, and for staging community events. It is also part of the wider ambition to promote sustainable transport and tackle climate change.


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