Cormac unveils a new strapline and outlines its mission to provide community focused services

24 January 2024

Dominic Bostock

The civil engineering, highway and environmental services provider Cormac has unveiled a new strapline, 'Delivering value for our communities.'

The strapline reflects the company's identity and objectives, focused on maximising benefits to people, communities, and the environment they serve.

Cormac is an innovative, council-owned company, the largest of its kind in the UK. With a turnover of £145 million, the company employs 1,000 people across the South West.

Last year, Cormac delivered over £38 million of environmental, social, and economic impact to Cornwall's communities alone. This year, they aim even higher, with a target of £42m in impact, showcasing their unwavering commitment to creating a sustainable future.

But that’s not all. Cormac has also launched a new mission statement and a set of overarching objectives.

With a mission to provide sustainable, innovative, and people-focused services, Cormac's new identity embodies their vision of a better future for everyone.

Their objectives are ambitious while being community-centric, including delivering the Cornwall Council Highway and Environment Term Service Contacts, committing to an impressive growth programme beyond the South West region, developing new partnerships, and empowering its people to feel proud to deliver its services.

Dominic Bostock, Managing Director at Cormac, said:

“As a leading services provider which provides a wide range of specialist services in Cornwall and beyond, it is vital that we have a strapline and identity that represents who we are and what we do.

‘’Wherever we work, our deep connections in our communities give us a local perspective and a commitment to social value, making us different from other contractors.

‘’Our collaborative approach has led to considerable improvements to our services. Putting people first, our own staff and the residents we serve, allows us to ensure that we’re providing a first-class delivery.

‘’We also want to help other local authorities learn more about the uniqueness of our model and how it has enabled us to adopt a sustainable and innovative approach in everything we do.

‘By partnering with us, you can be confident that you are working with a team dedicated to positively impacting the environment and society”.




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Notes to editors:

Cormac is a wholly owned and controlled company, operating under the “Teckal*” exemption, providing services to Cornwall Council via a Contract for Services.

*A Teckal company is a type of in-house company wholly owned by a public authority and is a legal entity. Specifically, it is a public sector organisation that operates commercial activities, such as providing services or goods, to the authority that established it.



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